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75% green space damaged by moles, rats or rabbits, field mice, voles, if no action is taken.
The preferred habitat of the mole are the cow pastures and hardwood forests.
The number of molehills do not vary with the number of moles, but depending on whether the abundance of food:

  • 500-3000 sq ft used by a mole under the soil and its rich food
  • 8 moles on average per hectare Our goal is to allow moles to develop in these habitats are preferred as pastures and forests.

    AHC uses its own methods which allows us to obtain a long-term result.

Moles damage due to

  • Damage to health (disease transmission): they can be carriers of dangerous diseases or death to humans and domestic animals: leptospirosis, echinococcosis, Listeria, spores.
  • Material Damage: they destroy your lawn mowing and keep your green space. Nests of wasps can move the space occupied by it.
  • Psychological damage: employees and customers enjoy a clean green space.