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Flying insects such as flies are a problem. They lay up to 600 eggs directly on the food after hatching the maggots become pupae. Development, taking 7 days (Fly) 14 days (Drosophila) and the circuit again.

AHC offers an integrated campaign with many ways

It must first prevent their return by using mechanical and chemical means.
Inside we intervene after researching the causes: Sterput, stagnant water,…..
AHC uses the most powerful unit U. V. (long-wave ultraviolet light) according to HACCP standards, is a counting and analysis enthémologique
We use means repellents that are applied to the inside.

Damage due to flying insects

Damage to health (disease transmission): it is mainly through their excrement they can spread disease.
Damage to goods: dead insects and worms may be found in foods, flying insects cause alarm intenpestives.
Psychological damage: flying insects cause fear and disgust vis-à-vis your customers and your employees.