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Everyone knows how quickly and easily identify the cockroach cuisine.
These are Germanic cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches we recontrons in Europe.
AHC offers integrated control with different way
It must first prevent their return by using repellents We use chemical means using powders, liquids, gases, gum, …
AHC uses thermal fogging fogging or micro-droplets if necessary.

AHC R & D has developed methods and unique products on the market for the fight against fleas, cockroaches, …

Crawling insect damage

  • Damage hygiene (transmission of disease – H1N1): they can transmit disease through
    their feces or by direct contact of infected material to food. Both cockroaches in their feces was Tuvinian many pathogens and microbes from tainted food
  • Damage of goods: dead insects may be found in foods Damage: they poluent food by their droppings, their molts and eggs. The furniture of a hotel room or library books are infested with fleas to be destroyed if we make an intervention too late.
  • Psychological damage: employees and customers may leak. The atmoshere at work and good reputation is compromised. In addition, an invasion of cockroaches can cause problems with the inspection authorities.